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CLX Ecosystem offers user the ability to use refillable or closed pods.

CLX Liquids will be offered in bottles and pod format.

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  • 690 mAh Battery

  • Small form Factor

  • Visibility Window

  • USB-C Charging

  • Full Charge in 45 Minutes

  • One System, Dual Purpose

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Explore the         Line up

CLX Pods Box - Virginia Tobacco.png
CLX Pods Box - Northern Tobacco.png
CLX Pods Box - Mountain Mint.png
CLX Pods Box - Menthol Tobacco.png
CLX Pods Box - Flavourless.png
CLX Pods Box - Cool Mint.png
CLX Pods Box - Arctic Ice.png
CLX Pods Box - Blue Razz copy.png
CLX Pods Box - Fruity Hawaiian copy.png
CLX Pods Box - Grape Ice copy.png
CLX Pods Box - Mango Ice copy.png
CLX Pods Box - Peach Ice copy.png
CLX Pods Box - Watermelon Ice copy.png

Pods & Bottles

Disposable inspired flavours crafted for the CLX e-Dvice.

Designed and Filled in Canada.

Banana Ice

Available in 10mg and 20mg

3 X 2 mL Per Pack & 30mL Bottles


Canada's first dual pod system created for CLX Pods and CLX Reload.

Designed in Canada.

Available in four colours.

CLX e-Dvice

USB-C Changing Cable

CLX Lanyard

Black Onyx

CLX Device box - Red.png
CLX Device box - White.png
CLX Device box - Blue.png
CLX Device box - Black.png
CLX Pods Box - Reload.png


Developed for the CLX e-Dvice and e-liquids.

Designed in Canada.

2 X 2 mL Refillable
Pods Per Pack

Now Available

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